DynoTech Services

Rolling Road Tuning on Dyno Dynamics 4 wheel drive/2wheel drive dyno.

We use the industries standard Chassis 4 Wheel drive dyno that has outstanding accuracy coupled with really superb steady state performance, and featuring sophisticated data acquisition electronics, with this we can check all aspects of your engine tune i.e. detect small misfires, incorrect air fuel ratios etc.

ECU Re-mapping

ECU Re-mapping is when we down load the file from your cars ECU and adjust it to maximise the performance and efficiency of your engine. This is achieved by removing many of the compromises that the manufacturer programmed into the ECU. These restrictions are in place to cover the possibility of sub-standard fuel and possible engine neglect, Often the manufacturers restrict these engines just so they will fit into a certain market, because of tax situations, or to suit fleet buyers. You as a driving enthusiast you do not need these limitations on your cars ECU, so with our remap you can benefit from the hidden power and torque locked away within the ECU. Look at our new Remapping site. www.dynoremapping.co.uk

Stand Alone ECU Re-mapping [custom mapping]

Stand alone ECU remapping is when we have fitted an after market ECU or you have brought a car to us with one fitted, we can tune all aspects of the map both ignition and fuel in real time to maximise performance and produce a custom Map for you car.

Engine Tuning

As with ECU tuning other aspects of tuning are cold air intake and improved exhaust flow, De Cat, different cams, gas flow the head, turbo and supercharger upgrades - we can help with all these.

Engine Re-builds

We do offer an engine re build if required, but we mainly build race and track engines for our customers.

Performance Parts Fitting Service [customers’ own or supplied by us]

We are agents for Momentum Performance, 350Z turbo kits, Newman cams, Exedy, any clutch Performance or Standard, KW suspension from mild to full race , we would need all the specs for your car then we will get the KW engineers to build a system for you, also we can set all suspension systems up.

Contact the workshop for details. We can also build de cat units, fit turbo systems, and supercharger systems.
Any performance part - be it a set of spark plugs to a set of cams to a manifold - we are in a position with our skilled technicians to undertake this for you.

Rolling Road Club Days

We do open our doors on quite a regular basis to clubs and groups who wish to have a social meet and run their cars on our rolling road. We always have free tea and coffee and chocolate biscuits on hand, we give each car at least 3 runs and print out graphs for you.

Rolling Road Runs and Diagnostics [individual]

We are able to give individuals a rolling road run or diagnostics session if you would like to know the power output of your car or to trace any faults that you may have.

RS600 Race Engine Management – supply and fitting

Our in house designed RS600 ECU has proven very popular, first installed in 2012. We build and fit this ECU to our customers cars. For more information please contact us. We are agents for Link, Omex, Haltech, Gems, to name just a few of the professional engine mangement units we can supply and tune on our Dyno, we will tune any standalone ECU, if you have the lead and software, or it can be obtained.

Performance and General Car Servicing

DYNOTECH has qualified technicians to service your performance car or standard car.

Race and Track car preparation

We can carry out all the necessary work for race Prepartion.

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