About DynoTech

DynoTech has been developed indirectly from Autotech’s involvement in performance engine tuning.

In order to progress, the Dyno Dynamics rolling road was purchased back in the Summer of 2008. This was the 2 wheel drive unit, which has now been sold as we soon outgrew the 2 wheel drive system, and an order has been placed for the 4 wheel drive unit, which should be with us soon.

All the guys here love high performance cars, and it is their aim to help similar full on petrol heads who are as fanatical about their cars, to get the best performance possible.

The expertise of the staff, together with personal experience brings a wealth of knowledge when carrying out tuning and diagnostic work.

We pride ourselves on giving impartial advice on all aspects of the work we do. We can chat for hours about engines!!

Tel: 01773 741230

Fax: 01773 748930

53 Nottingham Road



United Kingdom